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4 Important Things To Always Keep In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency

important emergency car items

Being prepared for anything is a mindset that applies to more than just wilderness survival. Even while doing something as mundane as driving around in your car, it pays to ensure you're prepared in the event of any kind of emergency situation as this can not only help to keep you safe, but can also take a lot of the stress out of these situations by ensuring you always have what you need on hand if one arises. To help you in this effort, our team of skilled Fort Walton Beach towing professionals have taken the time to put together this short list identifying just a few of the most helpful things you can keep in your car to stay prepared and stay safe in the event of an emergency.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are something that you should always have in your car. A dead battery is something that every vehicle owner has to deal with at some point, and having a set of reliable jumper cables on hand can greatly reduce the stress of the situation. Having a set of jumper cables in your car at all times ensures you'll always be prepared to jumpstart and get back on the road, or so you can help other fellow motorists with a battery jump.


While extreme cold isn't something we usually have to worry about down here in the Fort Walton Beach area, a small blanket is always a good thing to have in your car. A blanket can provide you with an effective pad to lie on in the event you need to get under your car, whether you're putting a jack in place or inspecting for damage. It can also be helpful in the event of a medical emergency. Additionally, when the temperature does drop, a blanket can help keep you warm and safe until help arrives.

Gas Container

A small one or two-gallon gas container can come in very handy if you run out of gas. Generally, these containers only cost a couple of dollars, they're compact enough to fit in your trunk conveniently, and in the event you run out of gas, one of the containers can be filled with enough gas to get your car to the nearest gas station to fill up.

Bottled Water

If you become stranded for any length of time, one of the most important things you can have on hand is some drinkable water. The summers here in Florida get really hot, and if you and your family are stuck on the side of the road for any length of time, you could run the risk of becoming dehydrated or getting heat exhaustion. Having some bottled water on hand will not only ensure you all have what you need to stay hydrated, it can also be used in a pinch to add water to a leaking radiator in order to get your car to the nearest gas station.

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